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Health Resort ”Girska Tysa”, Kvasy of Rahiv district
of the Zakarpats'ka region, Ukraine
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Healthcare BaseHealthcare Base

The main competitive feature of our health resort is a strong therapeutic base. We are consistently seeking for its development and improvement.

The two-floored block of the health resort has a modern complex for effective treatment and health improvement of organs of the musculoskeletal system. The therapeutic base includes a hydro-ozokerite treatment facility, a physiotherapy department, massage rooms, therapeutic physical training rooms and an exercise room.

On the ground floor of the therapeutic block there is a bath and shower department, a colon hydrotherapy room, a massage room, a functional diagnostics room, a manipulation room, a relaxation room and a primary medical examination room. On the first floor there are ozokerite, hydromassage and physiotherapy departments, a phytobar, acupuncture and massage rooms.

The health resort uses the most modern and the best medical equipment for treatment of its guests.

  • Thus, BTL-5000 Sono, which has all functions and advantages of innovative therapeutic devices, is used for ultrasound therapy and, in particular, for underwater treatment. The ultrasound effect is micro massage, stimulating blood and lymph circulation, scar resolution, tissue oxygen availability, etc. Ultrasound causes activation of metabolic processes in tissues, an increase in nucleic acid content and stimulates tissue breath processes.
  • Due to the ultra-high frequency, the UHF device has a healthy influence on functions of the nervous system, an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, improves the blood circulation and the lymph outflow, depresses bacterial activity, relieves unstriated muscle spasms and benefits tissue regeneration.
  • The ultrasound professional inhalator NE-U17 is equipped with a wide range of accessories, which allow regulating volume and intensity of the aerosol flow.
  • Tubus quartz treats nasopharyngeal diseases with high-frequency ultraviolet irradiation.
  • Due to a wide range of therapeutic parameters of BTL-5000 Laser our laser therapy specialist has really unlimited possibilities for treatment of patients with diseases or injuries of the musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous system with high-frequency laser irradiation.
  • BTL-5000 Plus, generating a full range of low- and midfrequency currents, is used for electrotherapy. It is equipped with all necessary options for effective therapy.
  • Due to high-frequency alternating current, high voltage and small capacity, the device for local darsonvalization Iskra-2 is used for treatment for neurites, neuralgias, varicose veins, after-effects of freezing injuries, etc.
  • The modern, improved 12-channal electrocardiograph BTL-08 MT Plus, equipped with colour touch screen, is used for cardiologic examinations. The device determines presence of cardiostimulator, has a function of connection and print on laser printer via USB port, independent of PC.
  • 13 baths are also equipped in a modern way, including underwater hydromassage baths, douche cabins (Charkot, rising and body-jet douches).
  • COLON-HYDROMAT (HERRMAN Apparatebau GmbH (Germany)) is applied for a intestinal washing without disturbance of the natural functioning of the intestinal track. The device is used for effective washing and massage of the intestinal track, oxygen therapy and injection of pharmaceuticals. Together with a built-in cleaning system of the device all hygienic needs are thus met.
  • МИТ-Сis used for preparation of singlet oxygen foam by activation of distilled water vapour with hard ultraviolet irradiation. The singlet oxygen foam is effective in case of prevention and treatment of different diseases related to disorders in oxidation-reduction processes and aerobic exchange. The singlet oxygen foam causes an increase in the number of free radicals and activates biochemical processes in the organism.
  • BTL-5920 Magnet, used for two-channel magnitotherapy, is considerably effective for pain reduction, stimulation of anti-inflammatory and regeneration processes in case of neuralgia, in orthopedics, etc.

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